Sports Taping

Sports Taping comes in many forms and different taping methods have different effects on the body and how it moves. Tapin is great for those that may be returning from injury and require a little added support but also for those with a big event coming up who might be feeling the odd niggle.

The two main forms of taping that we use here at Aidan Holgate Sports Therapy are Zinc Oxide taping and Kinesiology taping. Zinc Oxide is a strong tape used to restrict movements and support ligaments. It can be very useful for athletes in sports such as football and rugby where for example you may want to restrict ankle movement to prevent the likelihood of a sprained ankle. Kinesiology tape is much more elastic and instead of limiting movement at a joint it can help facilitate normal muscle function. Cast your mind back to the 2008 Olympic Games and you will have seen countless athletes using this tape on their backs, shoulders and calfs. Runners, cyclists, gymnasts, this tape has been used throughout sport and can help relive muscle pain and provide stability.