Bike Fitting

Bike Fitting is a specialist service that as a Graduate Sports Therapist, with a number of years experience in cycling and the cycling industry, can offer.

To a standard Bike Fit we add a more scientific approach, using expertise in musculo-skeletal screening and biomechanics to improve harmony between man and machine.

Musculo-Skeletal Screening

No two riders are the same and so by conducting a full head to toe assessment we can pick up on any deficits that may lead to pedalling asymmetry, impeded performance and injury. These findings are then integrated into the bike set-up to marry together man and machine.

The Bike Fit

Clinical findings are integrated into the Bike Fit, improving harmony between the rider and bike. Rider goals are also be taken into consideration, adapting the fit on a continuum between comfort (sportive riding) and straight line speed (Time Trialing).

Close attention is paid to the foot-pedal interface in order to optimise power transfer and reduce the possibility of lower limb injury.

Bike Fits are carried out at The Green Jersey so while we tweak your cleats, you can enjoy a coffee and browse the bikes in store.

Prices –
Standard Bike Fit – £50
Full Bike Fit Package – £90

Full bike fit package includes full musculoskeletal assessment and rehab plan.